Why Did Arby’s Discontinue Potato Cakes?

Why Did Arby’s Discontinue Potato Cakes?

Fans loved Arby’s potato cakes, but the fast food business quietly took them off the menu in 2016. But why did Arby’s discontinue potato cakes?

Arby’s has never given a straight answer, but there are a few things that could be going on. One theory is that the potato cakes just didn’t sell well enough to make it worthwhile to keep making them.

Why Did Arby's Discontinue Potato Cakes

Another option is that Arby’s wanted to make its menu less complicated and put more attention on other things.

No one knows why, but Arby’s potato cakes are no longer sold. Fans of the dish can still get them at some other places that serve food like Arby’s.

Is Arby’s Going To Bring Back Potato Cakes?

Potato cakes are not currently available at Arby’s, and it seems unlikely that they will be in the near future.

Never rule anything out, though; crazier things have happened in the fast food industry. If Arby’s decides to bring back its adored potato cakes, only time will tell.

Why Did Arby's Discontinue Potato Cakes

Customers may still savor the greatest sandwiches and other menu items from Arby’s in the interim.

The roast beef, turkey, and ham sandwiches are among of Arby’s most well-liked sandwiches. The fast food restaurant company also serves a selection of sides, salads, and desserts.

You Can Make Your Own Potato Cakes

If you don’t think Arby’s will ever bring back its potato cakes, the only other option is to make them yourself.

Luckily, recipes have already been made. You need cold or leftover mashed potatoes, flour, whipped eggs, salt, pepper, parsley, and olive oil.

With these, blend together the eggs and mashed potatoes. Add flecks of salt and pepper to the flour.

Why Did Arby's Discontinue Potato Cakes

Make cakes out of the final mix. Chill them for an hour before putting them on a pan. (This will help them keep their shape.) Fry until golden brown on both sides. Enjoy.

You can make your own potato cakes if you need to. You can use this recipe, Master Cook’s, or any of a number of other similar recipes.

Did Arby’s Change Their Menu?

The biggest alteration to the Arby’s menu over the years was the removal of the potato cakes in 2016. The Reuben Sandwich and Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich are just two of the recent additions to Arby’s menu.

Additionally, they have a “Market Fresh” range of sandwiches produced with fresh, never frozen meat, including the Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich, Turkey and Swiss, and Ham and Swiss.

These freshly prepared sandwiches are crafted with artisan wheat bread and served warm.

Does Arby’s Still Have Sliders?

Why Did Arby's Discontinue Potato Cakes

Sliders are still available on their menu, yes! The types of sliders that Arby’s now sells are as follows:

Jalapeno Roast Slider: a slider bun-toasted tiny roast beef sandwich with ranch dressing, pepper jack cheese, and jalapenos.

Roast Beef Slider: a slider bun-toasted small roast beef sandwich with American cheese and BBQ sauce.

Roast Turkey Slider: a slider bun-toasted small turkey sandwich with American cheese and cranberry sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Slider: a slider bun-toasted small chicken sandwich with ranch dressing, American cheese, and Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo sauce.

Crispy Chicken Slider: a slider bun-toasted small chicken sandwich with mayo and American cheese.

Conclusion For Arby’s Potato Cakes

The famous potato cakes at Arby’s were taken off the menu in 2016. No one knows for sure why they were taken off the menu, but it may have been because they didn’t sell well or because Arby’s wanted to simplify its selection.

Potato cakes are still available at certain independent restaurants, despite the fact that Arby’s has no current plans to bring them back.

Customers of Arby’s can still enjoy the wide variety of sandwiches, salads, sides, and desserts that are still offered on the Arby’s menu.

FAQs About Arby’s Potato Cakes

Why were Arby’s Potato Cakes discontinued?

According to the website, Arby’s chose to discontinue offering Potato Cakes after introducing its new Crinkle Fries as a permanent menu option in addition to its well-known Curly Fries.

Are Arby’s Potato Cakes ever coming back?

The potato cakes are formally being discontinued by Arby’s.

Does Arby’s still have sweet potato fries?

Yes, Arby’s still offers sweet potato fries. They are offered as a side dish and as part of combo meals. Curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion are a few of the additional sides that Arby’s offers.

Does Arby’s have hash browns?

Yes, you can get hash browns at Arby’s. They can be ordered as a side dish or as a component of a breakfast buffet. Additional breakfast options at Arby’s include pancakes, French toast sticks, and breakfast sandwiches.

Are Arby’s baked potatoes being discontinued?

The departure of two of their sides is sad news for all potato lovers. Fans of the traditional Potato Cakes and the Loaded Fries will be saddened to learn that Arby’s has quietly stopped selling these menu items.

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