Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay?

You might be interested in your alternatives for paying if you intend to have lunch at Arby’s.

In order to make things simpler for customers, Arby’s supports a variety of payment methods and is constantly updating their selection.

When making purchases at Arby’s and other eateries, people prefer using Apple Pay the most frequently.

Before attempting to use Apple Pay at Arby’s Menu, it’s a good idea to confirm that it is accepted there.

Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Arby’s currently accepts Apple Pay.

Besides cash, Arby’s also accepts credit and debit cards that you could have linked to your Apple Pay account.

You can also pay with cash to place your purchase.

Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay

Since Apple Pay is constantly expanding and adding new features, it’s possible that certain establishments may not yet accept it.

Apple Pay may not be accepted at all Arby’s locations, although in general, the majority of them do.

How Can You See If A Restaurant Accepts Apple Pay?

There are various methods for determining whether a restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

To find out whether businesses in your neighborhood and elsewhere accept Apple Pay, go to the Apple website.

There are a ton of additional websites that offer this information and maintain lists of the restaurants that accept Apple Pay.

If Arby’s ever decides to accept Apple Pay, we will add the restaurant to this list. You can also establish whether a restaurant accepts Apple Pay by inspecting the register to see if it displays the Apple Pay emblem.

When a restaurant or shop accepts Apple Pay, they’ll make the option visible next to the cash register.

If there are any stickers on the windows near the drive-thru or the door, you can also check them to determine if the restaurant accepts this form of payment.

Why Do Some Arby’s Locations Not Accept Apple Pay?

Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay

There are numerous explanations as to why Arby’s would not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.

The most common explanation is that the cash registers and payment terminals are not configured to accept it.

There are specific terminals and readers needed in order to accept Apple Pay.

The restaurants cannot accept it because many Arby’s registers are not configured to receive this form of payment.

Arby’s restaurants might view Apple Pay as a bother rather than a perk for patrons.

Customers can pay for their meals and orders quickly and easily, but there are times when everything can go wrong.

Customers might not have their actual credit or debit cards on them to complete their purchase if the app breaks down or the system goes down.

Anything that creates issues and slows down the line prevents the restaurant from getting customers in and out of the establishment as quickly as feasible.

Arby’s only accepts payment methods that are straightforward and easier for the restaurant to manage in order to avoid any problems like these.

If he decided to adopt Apple Pay, the staff would need training on how to use it at both the register and drive-thru.

The time required for this training detracts from the time the staff could be actively working and assisting clients.

Arby’s locations might decide against providing their staff with training on this new form of payment in favor of simply refusing to accept it.

Customers don’t prefer Apple Pay, which is another reason why Arby’s doesn’t bother with it.

They have no trouble pulling out their debit or credit cards to pay for their purchases when they go to Arby’s.

The level of demand or desire for adding Apple Pay as a payment option and handling all associated aspects at the restaurant may not justify it.

There is no practical rationale for Arby’s to provide Apple Pay as a payment option if consumers are not requesting it or do not appear interested in utilizing it.

Does Arby’s Accept Other Virtual Wallet Payment Options?

Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay

Arby’s does allow touchless payments through Visa, and it might soon accept other touchless payment options as well.

Arby’s offers touchless payments to help reduce the spread of disease.

While not accepting all virtual wallets, they are dedicated to providing a range of payment options and are likely to introduce new methods in the future.

What Other Payment Methods Does Arby’s Accept?

There are numerous additional payment methods you can take into account if you need to make a purchase at Arby’s but are unable to use Apple Pay.

Either cash or a credit or debit card may be used.

Payment options include prepaid gift cards and gift cards, eliminating the need for credit or debit cards.

Arby’s promotes savings by accepting coupons and special promotions that you can combine with your preferred payment method.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Apple Pay?

Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of Apple Pay at Arby’s is crucial before adopting it.

Arby’s is thinking of including Apple Pay as a payment option, but there are a few things you should take into account before choosing it for your Arby’s order.


The widespread use of Apple Pay is due to a variety of factors.

Customers can just use smart phones instead of dealing with credit cards or lugging cash around.

It Works Online: Although users cannot use Apple Pay through the store’s mobile app, they can still utilize the app to conduct online transactions.

Even if using Apple Pay requires using the website, online purchasing can still be simple and efficient.

When traveling or making a purchase using your phone, you might not want to have to take out your credit card.

You can avoid that by using Apple Pay.

No Extra Fees: If you use Apple Pay, there are no additional fees.

There are no fees associated with this payment method.

You only have to focus on the price of your items, without any extra fees, unlike other similar payment methods that impose a percentage of your purchase.

Easy To Use: When using Apple Pay, there’s no need to rummage through your wallet or purse to find a debit or credit card, count change, or be concerned about accidentally misplacing any cash you take out.

Most people carry mobile phones with them everywhere, and these phones come equipped with Apple Pay software.

As long as the store you’re shopping at accepts Apple Pay, using Apple Pay allows you to make as many payments as you like and buy as many things as you like.

Security: There is no denying the security of Apple Pay.

Using cash or a credit card always carries the risk of them becoming lost, stolen, or hacked.

Your information is secure when using Apple Pay.

Even if someone could access your missing Apple Pay account, they would need your password in order to use it.


One of the most widely used payment methods is Apple Pay for a variety of reasons.

It has a lot of benefits, but it is not faultless and has flaws. The following are a few typical issues.

Must Leave Platform To Shop: Online purchases can be made with Apple Pay, but not on the platform itself.

Since you can’t easily locate the store through the app, as some wallet applications allow, the process becomes more challenging and time-consuming.

Like with any other payment option, you must utilize your Apple Pay account to make a purchase on the website.

For individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time using the app or website, this may not be a convenient way to pay. It may also increase your confusion and make the transaction more challenging.

System Problems: Although Apple’s software and apps are frequently faultless, the Apple Pay system and app occasionally have issues.

As a result, using it for payment or shopping may be challenging for you.

A system outage can lead to payment rejection. It may prevent future use of the payment method, with unclear reasons for the rejection.

Customer service can help in some situations, such those involving technological issues, but not in others.

If you have any issues with your Apple Pay account, get in touch with customer service.

If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own, a customer support representative will be able to help you.

You may also find out from Apple Support whether a store offers Apple Pay. If you have to wait for a customer service representative, the checkout procedure can take longer.

Calling Apple Support for help with a store issue can lead to delays and frustration among the customers waiting behind you.

Additionally, you can confirm the accuracy of your payments by reviewing past transactions on the Apple Pay website.

The cashiers in stores typically are unable to address Apple Pay issues. Due of its security, Apple is the only firm that can address problems.

The cashier can only recommend that you contact Apple customer support if the issue is with Apple and they are unable to resolve it on their end.

Limited Availability: As Apple Pay is used more frequently, more locations are taking it, but not all stores have it.

Arby’s has not yet made it accessible online or in-store.

You can locate a list of retailers who accept it online, or almost all of them either publicize that they do so or post stickers on their doors.

If you inquire, you might learn that some businesses do accept Apple Pay.

Retailers may lack the necessary technology for Apple Pay, and they might be unwilling to update their terminals and systems.

If you don’t carry cash or a credit card, Arby’s and similar establishments that don’t accept Apple Pay may be unable to make sales to you.


Arby’s does accept Apple Pay at participating locations, so customers can enjoy the convenience and security of mobile payments.

His goal is to improve the payment experience for customers by accepting Apple Pay, providing a fast and convenient payment method.

Arby’s strives to provide a variety of payment methods for its customers, including Apple Pay and other alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Apple Pay available in all Arby’s locations?

Apple Pay can be used at Arby’s locations that take it. It’s always a good idea to call your local Arby’s to make sure that they accept Apple Pay.

Can I use Apple Pay with the Arby’s mobile app?

At the moment, Apple Pay is not a choice for paying with the Arby’s app. You can, however, use Apple Pay at the restaurants that take it.

What other mobile payment options does Arby’s accept?

Arby’s also takes Google Pay and Samsung Pay, which are two other popular ways to pay with your phone.

Can I earn Arby’s rewards or loyalty points when using Apple Pay?

Yes, if you use Apple Pay at Arby’s most of the time, you can still earn rewards or recognition points based on his rewards program.

Are there any transaction limits when using Apple Pay at Arby’s?

Transaction limits may be different based on where you are and what Arby’s rules are. It’s best to ask the Arby’s store in question about any limits on transactions.

Do I need an internet connection to use Apple Pay at Arby’s?

To use Apple Pay at Arby’s, you do not need to be connected to the internet. You can use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to complete the transaction.

Is Apple Pay secure for making payments at Arby’s?

Apple Pay employs security features such as tokenization and facial authentication at Arby’s to safeguard users’ payment information.

Can I use Apple Pay for drive-thru orders at Arby’s?

Certainly, Apple Pay is applicable for drive-thru orders at Arby’s as long as the store accepts it for all transaction types.

What if I encounter issues while trying to use Apple Pay at Arby’s?

If you have trouble using Apple Pay at Arby’s, ask Arby’s customer service or a staff member for help.

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