Arby’s Secret Trick For Perfectly Soft Yet Crispy Curly Fries

Arby’s Secret Trick For Perfectly Soft Yet Crispy Curly Fries

While Arby’s may “have the meats,” they also have excellent curly fries.

When you eat at Arby’s, you don’t really need a side dish because one of the chain’s well-known Beef n’ Cheddar sandwiches weighs in at 195 grams, or about half a pound of meat, cheese, and bread (according to their website).

It’s nearly impossible to resist adding a side of those delicious curly fries to your meal, despite the possibility that you might feel excessively full afterward.

Arby's Secret Trick For Perfectly Soft Yet Crispy Curly Fries

The coiled potatoes and their spicy seasoning outright steal the show from the rest of Arby’s menu, according to Thrillist, who ranked Arby’s curly fries first in their list of the top 19 fast food French fries.

Arby’s delicious curly fries are supposedly in such high demand that you can now find them in the frozen department of your local grocery store. It’s time to find out what exactly goes into making Arby’s curly fries so great.

How To Cook the Perfect Curly Fries According To Arby’s

Arby’s shared its french fry preparation with “Unwrapped,” a television program that demonstrates how various meals are created, in contrast to many fast-casual companies that keep their ingredients and cooking methods secret to stave off copycats.

An extract from a video on YouTube claims that Arby’s uses three unique methods to prepare its famous curly fries.

Arby’s curly fries enter stage one of the process after being chopped into its curly shape from raw potatoes using specialized equipment.

Arby's Secret Trick For Perfectly Soft Yet Crispy Curly Fries

Fries are now blanched for 20 minutes, which comprises dipping them in hot water and immediately cooling them. Blanching performs two crucial functions.

It disables enzymes in the potatoes that can impair the end spud’s quality. Additionally, it produces the enticing texture beloved by Arby’s customers.

A representative at the processing facility where Arby’s fries are made, James Kirkham, claims that blanching provides the fries a “nice baked potato interior.” The actual magic happens between the second and third steps, which are the next to come.

Batter Waterfalls And Air Knives

After the fries have finished blanching, they are subsequently covered with the distinctive batter made famous by Arby’s. Water, onion, garlic, salt, and a number of additional seasonings make up this batter.

Using a batter applicator, it is applied, resulting in a true “waterfall of batter” that ensures the fries are well coated.

The potatoes next pass through a series of air knife blowers, which are machines that spray the fries with compressed air to ensure the batter is evenly spread.

Arby's Secret Trick For Perfectly Soft Yet Crispy Curly Fries

The third and final stage involves immersing Arby’s fries in heated oil. Only around 30 seconds are spent in this frying procedure, which uses temperatures between 360 and 375 degrees.

This process involves partially cooking the fries before freezing them for delivery to particular destinations. To ensure each customer gets the freshest and most delicious curly fries, the final cooking is completed at the restaurant.

Although it’s not absolutely necessary to go through all this effort to create a delightful French fry, Arby’s commitment to satisfying its fast-food customers illustrates why people are so loyal to the brand.

Conclusion For Arby’s Crispy Curly Fries

Arby’s secret trick for achieving perfectly soft yet crispy curly fries is a game-changer. By blanching and freezing the potato spirals before the final frying process, Arby’s has mastered the art of creating curly fries with an irresistible texture.

Homemade curly fries are the solution, whether you desire a burger side, loaded curly fries, or a tasty snack.

The careful blanching, freezing, and double frying process will ensure that your curly fries turn out golden, crispy, and oh-so-delicious.

FAQs About Arby’s Crispy Curly Fries

Can I use a different type of potato for making curly fries?

While Russet potatoes are recommended for their starch content, other varieties can also be experimented with. Keep in mind that the texture and crispiness may vary.

Can I skip the freezing step when making homemade curly fries?

Freezing the blanched curly fries is crucial for maintaining their shape and texture. Skipping this step may result in fries that are less crispy and lose their distinctive shape.

Can I bake the curly fries instead of deep frying them?

Baking curly fries as a healthier alternative might result in a less crispy texture compared to deep-frying them. However, you can try baking them in a preheated oven at a high temperature for a similar effect.

Are curly fries gluten-free?

Curly fries themselves are typically gluten-free. When dining at a restaurant or fast food chain, always ask about the preparation and the risk of cross-contamination with gluten.

Can I store leftover curly fries for later consumption?

Curly fries are best enjoyed immediately after cooking for optimal texture. While you can store leftovers in the refrigerator, they may lose their crispiness upon reheating.

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